Cutting, Bending, Forming, Drilling & Tapping

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When cutting different plastics it is important to select the correct procedures and equipment. Our experienced fabricators will ensure the right process will be used for your production.

Bending & Forming

Motorcycle Windshield and Bent Piping

With state of the art close temperature controlled equipment such as our oven and strip heaters we can bend, drape form with molds or when applicable use cold forming techniques.




With our knowledge of heat coefficients in plastics we offer drilling and tapping services creating less stress on the materials.

We have the right machinery and procedures to get your job done quickly and correctly the first time.

tapping copy


Tapping is the process of placing threads in a pre-drilled hole. We use special tapping heads to ensure straight and clean threads.

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Custom Plastic Fabrication from Prototype to High-Volume Production. Capabilities include: Laser Cutting and Engraving, CNC Routing and Machining, Bending, Forming, Welding, Drilling, Tapping, Cutting, Gluing, Polishing, Flame Polishing, Buffing, Digital Printing / Cutting, Vinyl and Film Cutting.