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As each project is unique and the quality of that project is our top priority. We ask that you submit the Request A Quote form, describe your project, and tell us the best way to contact you.

Send your project description, the quantity, tolerance and lead time requirements. Please include your prints or drawings in any of the preferred file formats listed below.

If your drawings aren’t finalized, just give us as much information as you can so we can start working with you to develop the best custom plastic fabrication solution for your project.


Preferred File Formats:
To get you the quickest most accurate and completive quote as possible. Please provide one or more of these file formats. For graphics and 2D parts [.cdr, .eps, .pdf, .dxf, .jpg .psd or .doc files]. And for more high-tolerance, complicated machined parts along with the files mentioned and/or 3D model files [.sat, .igs or .stp].

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Custom Plastic Fabrication from Prototype to High-Volume Production. Capabilities include: Laser Cutting and Engraving, CNC Routing and Machining, Bending, Forming, Welding, Drilling, Tapping, Cutting, Gluing, Polishing, Flame Polishing, Buffing, Digital Printing / Cutting, Vinyl and Film Cutting.